About the Working Group

The Working Group on Agricultural Biomass and Energy Crops (ABEC) was established in March 2017 to promote specific types of biomass feedstocks such as solid vegetal residue streams from agriculture and dedicated perennial lignocellulosic crops. Both result in abundant feedstock sources that are – to this day – largely underutilised. The Working Group aims to support the development of this sector and communicate on the potential and benefits of these biomass types at EU-level. The key issue dealt with by the WG is the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy. 

  • Coordinator

    The Working Group ABEC is open to all Bioenergy Europe members and coordinated by Giulia Cancian.

    Giulia CANCIAN

     + 32 2 318 40 33

  • Latest meeting

    On 3 April 2019, the WG Agrobiomass & Energy Crops (ABEC) met to discuss the latest developments of the Common Agricultural Policy reform and Bioenergy Europe's advocacy position on the current political debate. Furthermore, members were presented with updates on the Energy Crops’ data collection exercise carried by the Market Intelligence department as well as the possible synergies between marginal land & energy crops. This meeting was also the occasion to elect the Chairman of the Working Group.

  • Want to join?

    Bioenergy Europe has been a stable companion of bioenergy's largest stakeholders for the last 28 years, across all value chains and technologies. Today, Bioenergy Europe is capable of offering a wide range of services and unparallelled advantages to its members.

    Working Groups (WGs) are restricted to Bioenergy Europe members. However, non-members are welcome to attend as external observers, on a one-off basis and under certain conditions. Bioenergy Europe Secretariat reserves the right to refuse or accept external observers' participation to the WGs.
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