About the Working Group

The Working Group Competitiveness was created in 2012, following the Commission proposal on the Energy Taxation Directive (2003/96/EC) revision. The WG’s main objective is to contribute to a supportive business environment for our members to thrive in by formulating and disseminating Bioenergy Europe’s common positions on EU competitiveness related legislations. Key items in this policy area include: Energy Taxation (possible Directive revision); Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection and Energy and EU Industrial Policy strategy. The WG is open to all Bioenergy Europe's members interested in these subjects and willing to input the sector’s position on competitiveness. Giulia Cancian coordinates this WG.

  • Coordinator

    The Working Competitiveness is open to all Bioenergy Europe members and coordinated by

    Giulia CANCIAN

     + 32 2 318 40 33

  • Latest meeting

    On 1 April 2019, the WG Competitiveness met to discuss the Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection and Energy, EU Industrial Policy strategy, Energy Taxation (possible Directive revision); Public support to Research and Innovation.

  • Want to join?

    Working Groups (WGs) are restricted to Bioenergy Europe members. However, non-members are welcome to attend as external observers, on a one-off basis and under certain conditions. Bioenergy Europe Secretariat reserves the right to refuse or accept external observers' participation to the WGs.

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